Can any event or programme be complete without some good music? Baul music has become popular in the past few years, it is a part of almost all events and functions. People have started enjoying Baul music and what we would say ‘going back to the roots’. Fakiri music still has a lot of scope to be explored and it’s the rawness of Fakiri music that will attract audience- the young and the old alike.

Watch this digital story to see how the artists celebrate togetherness.

Experience the Baul Fakiri Utsav – an annual festival organized by the artists.

Check out how you can engage at the Baul Fakiri Utsav.

Watch the performances by the Baul Fakiri artists.

Contact the artists directly and book them in advance for your event.

Here is an ethical guideline on working with the communities.
1. Respect the artist and the community.
2. Seek permission before you record audio/video, publish photo and information regarding community and art.
3. Acknowledge names of artists with whom you interacted.

Artists’ rights are protected through a Code of Practice. Check the performances full Code here.

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