Mohan Tanti

Mohan Tanti is a famous flutist from Bankura who has performed internationally in Denmark, UK, Hungary, Germany, China and Japan.

Mohan Tati, a renowned flutist, resides in the Bankura district of West Bengal. He learnt the finer nuances of playing flute by listening to the radio and honing his inborn skill as a flutist. Mohan performs with the Baul Fakiri and Jhumur genre of folk music regularly and has travelled accross the world including Denmark, UK, Germany and Japan and many other countries. Mohan also led folk orchestra group of Bengal to international festival on ICH in China. He has performed with leading world musicians including Sabina Rakachyeva of London.


Mohan Tanti

Mohan Tanti

Mohan Tanti is a flautist from Bankura who plays as an accompanist to Baul Fakiri singers.

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Mohan Tanti


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