Bangla Qawwali by Fakirs from West Bengal

  Qawwali as a genre is prevalent in the north western parts of the subcontinent where the songs are sung in Urdu. However, a distinguished sub-genre of such songs sung in the Bengali language had existed in Bengal since long. Bangla Qawwali had become nearly extinct in West Bengal, until the same was revived by […]   read more

Baul performance by youngsters Sadhu Khyapa and Kangal Khyapa

  This is the song ‘Cholo Jai Prem Bazaar-e’ written by Khotore Gossain. It talks of the Prem Bazaar or the Bazaar of Love, which is a space bereft of greed, lust and other negative qualities, a place where all are lovers and through which the river of love flows. This utopia is within human […]   read more

Baul performance by Pradyut Bala at Bishwa Bangla Haat

‘Manush Bhojley Shonar Manush Pabi’ is a Baul song written by the legendary Lalan Fakir that speaks of worshipping humans because, as the Bauls believe, the ultimate manifestation of divinity lies in human, where the Guru is the embodiment of the same.   read more

Baul performance by Kartik Khyapa

This song talks about ‘Indriyo Domon’ or restraint of the senses without which all devotional praxis will be fruitless.   read more

Baul performance by Gobinda Das Baul

‘Gourleela-r Bazaar-e Obaak Jai Herey’ is a cryptic song by Ananta Gossain where an elephant crosses a needle-eye, seeds of Jamun grow inside mangoes, the bazaar of Gour’s Leela sits inside a swan’s egg and a corpse laughs seeing the same. The meanings of these may be for the initiated to comprehend, but the lyrics […]   read more

Baul performance by Gopi Das Baul

The song Moron Karo Kotha Shoney Na written by another Baul legend Bhoba Pagla which is being sung here states that death is inevitable, it listens to no one; it can strike anyone down anywhere at any moment. It celebrates life as a dialectic force against death and yet a part of the same process […]   read more

Baul performance by legendary Baul Late Tarak Khyapa

This song Ami Ekjon Pagol Pelam Na speaks about the divine craze. Some people are crazy for wealth, some for fame some for love and so on. But such people are all intoxicated by illusions, they are not genuinely crazy. Whereas, a person maddened by divine craze is hard to come by. Ramakrishna was one […]   read more

Baul performance by Baul Guru Bhajan Das Bairagya

The song “Oh Mon Chasha Re” which is being sung here addresses the mind as a farmer and says that it toils fruitless on other’s land but did not cultivate its own field. It is yet another cryptic song and its coded nature gives it a surreal and transcendental aura.   read more

Baul performance by Girish Khyapa

This song ‘Gaur aar Nitai Tara Dui Bhai’ written by Hemanta Das talks about two brothers Gaur (Chaitanya) and Nitai (Nityananda) of Nadia and their apostle-like activity in spreading Vaishnavism through love, their taking of Sanyas, the sadness of Bishnupriya the wife of Gaur when the latter renounced familial ties and alludes to Gaur’s disappearance, […]   read more

Baul performance by Barun Das Baul

This song ‘Anondete Ghoti Harali’ penned by legendary Sadhan Das Bairagya which is being sung here takes the perspective of a lover who is so overjoyed by love that they lose their pitcher. It is a cryptic song which speaks of the need to learn from the Guru the ways of Ananda or divine bliss […]   read more

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