Folk Art Centre

In 2004-05, we started working with 300+ Baul Fakirs in Nadia, strengthened  Gorbhanga as a Resource centre to disseminate Baul Fakiri music and then increased the spread to 1300 Baul Fakirs covering all 5 districts. While working with the artists, we realized the importance of Akhra in transmitting knowledge to next generation through Guru-Sishya parampara and thus hosted many 5 days workshops at Tepantar Theatre village in 2016-2019 timeframe with 3-7 Gurus and 100-150 disciples and that certainly contributed a lot to the growth of Baul Fakiri music. Then we realized that the Baul Fakirs need a permanent space for them, and thus we developed a Baul Fakir Ashram at Bannabagram in Ausgram near Gushakara. Ashram is a knowledge centre and has 1-3 Gurus with 5-30 disciples always and thus is expected to evolve as a place to interact with Baul Fakirs for understanding their philosophy and music. The Ashram encourages guests to experience simple life and celebrate togetherness as preached and practiced by the Baul Fakirs. The newly developed resource centre in Jalangi, Murshidabad also has a major role to play in the dissemination of Baul-Fakiri music. This resource centre will be helpful for the Fakirs of the region to practice their music and has the potential to be a seat of learning for Baul-Fakiri music for the younger generation.

Folk Art Centre

Performance in Resource Center
Performance in Gol Ghar
Local people gathering to listen
Bannabagram Baul Ashram
Baul Fakiri performance at Bannabagram Baul ashram
Baul Fakiri performance in Gol Ghar
Baul performance at Bannabagram Baul ashram
Baul performance at Bannabagram Baul ashram
Bauls at Akhra
Decked in colours



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