There are about 25 + music albums containing Baul Fakiri songs, many of them are field recorded and many are studio recorded, but using acoustic traditional instruments and with live performances. There are books containing lyrics and information, including biographic information on Mahajan (poets).

Lalon – the Man who Lived (graphic novel in English)

Lalon Namer Manush (graphic novel)

Sahaj Geeti – Collection of Baul Songs (book)

Bangla-ey Qawwali (book)

Mahajannama (book)

Bijoyer Gaan

Tarak Khyapa

Baul Volume 6

Baul Volume 5

Baul Volume 4

Baul Volume 3

Baul Volume 2

Baul Volume 1

Bangla Qawwali

Baulanir Gaan

Arjuner Gaan


Biren Das Volume 2

Biren Das

Asannagarer Gaan


Gorbhangar Gaan Volume 2

Gorbhangar Gaan Volume 1


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