Tapan Kumar Das (Sadhu)

Kangal Khyapa, based at Joydeb Kenduli and son of legendary Baul singer Late Tarak Khyapa, is a rising star in Baul music. He is an excellent Khamak player too and has already performed in Sweden, Hungary and UK.

Sadhu Das Baul was born in 1995 in the village Joydev-Kenduli at Birbhum. Joydev-Kenduli has a long tradition of Baul Fakiri and an annual Baul Mela is held there every winter since many years. He started singing and playing musical instruments since the age of 10. His teacher was his father,  the legendary Baul Late Tarak Das. Other than being a skilled Baul singer, he is also adept at playing Dotara, Khamak, Harmonium, Ektara and Dugi.

Sadhu at this young age of 28, performed at many places. Outside West Bengal, he has performed in Delhi, Mumbai, Assam, Jamshedpur, Bangalore and Rajasthan. Outside India, he has performed in Sweden and the UK. Here is a blog by curator of Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage Betty Belanus on how Oral Traditions Shift to Digital: Bauls of West Bengal Face the Pandemic.


Tapan Kumar Das (Sadhu)

Tapan Kumar Das (Sadhu)

Sadhu Khyapa is the son of Baul singer Late Tarak Khyapa. He has performed in Sweden and the UK.

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Tapan Kumar Das (Sadhu)


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