Kamanurjaman Karikar

Kamanurjaman Karikar (A.KA. Atahar Fakir) is a young talented Baul Fakiri artist from the district of Nadia, West Bengal. As he was born in a musical family, Atahar was never taught but learned music from his father Ashmat Karikar at a very tender age. Later he emerged himself in Baul-Fakiri practice and led a spiritual lifestyle in association with Arman Fakir and the other fakirs of Gorbhanga. Atahar has performed at music festivals across Bengal, and other parts of India including Simla, Assam, Goa and Delhi and also in Bangladesh. Along with a melodious voice he is an excellent Dotara player. He has his own akhra at Karimpur.

the artist

Kamanurjaman Karikar


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