Baul Fakir mela at Bannabagram Baul Ashram

Bannabagram Baul Ashram, November 26, 2021
The Baul Fakir Mela 2021 was held in Bannabagram Baul Ashram from 26th to 28th November. Around 180 Bauls and Baulanis from five districts of West Bengal – Nadia, Murshidabad, Bardhaman, Birbhum and Bankura – came and celebrated their love for music. Continually affected by the pandemic, this mela was a breath of fresh air for the musicians. The festival began at 6 in the morning with Probhati, the morning ritual, continued to music in the 4 Akhras and finally ended with evening performances on stage. With visitors appreciating and dancing to their tunes, the Baul Fakir Mela came to an end with Milon (celebration of togetherness), a ritual where all Bauls team up and sing in concert. The festival brought over around 1000 visitors.


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