Ripples Festival

Birbhum, January 15, 2021

Revelling in the Rarh

In support of the British Council, banglanatak dot com organized the unique ‘Ripples Festival – Revelling in the Rarh’ between 15-17 January 2021, to acknowledge the Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development. The festival was aimed at levitating the promotion of cultural heritage and rural cultural tourism in and around the periphery regions of Shantiniketan. Ripples sought to strengthen the grassroots creative enterprises and connect the artists of the locale to a wider audience. Baul performances of Bolpur, Ilambazar and Joydev Kenduli and exhibition cum workshop of the beautiful Kantha and Shola work attracted quite a number of tourists to the celebration. What made the festival exceptional was the theatre festival – Tribute to Shakespeare – held at a cultural space named Tepantar, in the village of Satkahaniya. Herein, three theatre groups paid homage to William Shakespeare through his most popular plays. Part of the festival was also engaging webinars where people connected online and witnessed a discussion on heritage, festivals and resilient communities. Soul-searching Baul songs, ecstatic Raibenshe dance, Kantha and Shola demonstration was an exciting fragment of the three-day online symposium. The webinar invited speakers from India and UK who shared about theatre, music, art and craft, multicultural collaboration and exchange. All in all, the Ripples Festival acted as a source of rekindling hope within artists and audiences.

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