Baul performance by Rina Das Baul

The song  ‘Krishna Prem Shukher Dhan Bhana’ written by Ananta Gossain takes Radha’s perspective and indulges in love for Krishna. It compares this love with threshing the rice of bliss in the husking pedal of Anuraga or divine passion. It compares the body with a place where the husking pedal is kept. It makes many […]   read more

Baul performance by Subhadra Sharma

The song ‘Guru Bostu Chine Ne Na’ which is being sung here was written by Lalan Fakir. It speaks of the transience of life and the need for Sadhana while there is still time. It alludes to Gurutattva, a philosophical facet of Baul Fakiri.   read more

Baul performance by Shyam Khyapa

This song is an ardent appeal to Allah. It says that going to Haj, offering namaz five times a day in a mosque and all these are fruitless if there is no love; all that is needed is love for humanity. The basic essence of this song is that no external rituals are needed; instead, […]   read more

Baul performance by Sashthi Das Baul

The song ‘Boshot Barir Jhogra Ke Je Amar Toh Koi Mitlo Na’ which is being sung here is yet another cryptic song penned by Lalan Fakir. External meaning wise, the song is about quarrels and theft in a household leading to law enforcement issues. The internal meanings are not for lay listeners to comprehend. However, […]   read more

Fakiri performance by Khaibor Fakir

This song ‘Doya Koro e Udashin e’ is a Fakiri song that calls out to God for his kindness and empathetic mercy to shower upon the faithful.   read more

Fakiri performance by Golam Fakir

The song ‘Dhonyo Re Asheq Jona Diin Duniya-y’ which is being sung here was written by Lalon Fakir. It speaks of the power of the Asheq or the lover who can make the moon of the sky sink down to the nether worlds and can make elephant move through needle-eye – the latter being a […]   read more

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