The process of Patachitra involves few steps which are carried out by the Patachitra artists with immense care and passion. The artists make outline directly with the brush on the paper. They don’t use pencil or charcoal for the preliminary drawings. Then they fill the spaces with appropriate colours.

After painting, a layer of recycled soft fabric is pasted on the reverse side of the paper to make the scroll stronger and long-lasting. Then it is dried in sunlight. One of the distinct features of Patachitra is the use of natural colour made by the Patuas from locally available sources like leaves, vegetables, stones and flowers etc. The knowledge of colour making is passed on from one generation to the other.

Sources Of Natural Colors

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New leaves of the teak tree, Betel Leaf, Annatto fruit, Catechu

Blue Pea flower

Runner beans, Leaves of Ivy gourd

Matured teak leaves


Kusum Mati (also known as saffron soil), Lime stone

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