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I See The Promised Land

This graphic novel version of the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement in the United States of America is an exciting dialogue between two very different storytelling traditions. Arthur Flowers, African-American writer and griot, tells the story in lyrical prose while Manu Chitrakar, traditional Patua scroll-artist from West Bengal, India, paints a series of powerful visuals that capture with drama and force the truly iconic moments of King’s life. In the process, King’s struggle transcends its context, and becomes truly universal.   read more

Savitri Bai

Journey of a Trailblazer is a graphic novel on the life of the social reformer Savitri Bai designed by Jaysree Nair Mishra and published by Azim Premji University. The graphics used in the novel are patachitra paintings and has been developed by the patuas of Naya.   read more

The Patua Pinocchio

Carlo Collodi, Swarna Chitrakar This quintessentially Indian version of a much-loved children’s classic features art from the Patua scroll tradition of West Bengal, India. Carlo Collodi’s original Italian text centres on a marionette who escapes his wooden fate and has many adventures, including a stint at sea in the stomach of a shark. This Indian version is abridged from Carol Della Chiesa’s well-known English translation, and illustrated by award-winning scroll painting artist Swarna Chitrakar.   read more

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