The soulful music, the interesting musical instruments, diverse forms of music, interesting life lessons narrated through songs– Baul Fakiri music can engage the secondary level student in the traditional art form. A one hour musical session by community artists in school campus would provide a first-hand experience of old age tradition to the students and connect them to their roots. Students would love to enjoy and know more about the rustic music of Bengal.

We can also plan a weekend tour to Gorbhanga, Nadia or the Baul Fakir Ashram at Bannabagram near Guskara for a group of students where they can listen to Bauls and Fakirs practicing amidst nature to make the experience more authentic.

Here is some basic information on Baul Fakiri music.

Watch this digital story to see how the artists celebrate togetherness.

Check our folk art centre page for more information about workshops.

Watch the performances by the Baul Fakiri artists.

Experience the Baul Fakiri Utsav – an annual festival organized by the artists.

Check out how you can engage at the Baul Fakiri Utsav.

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