In the recent past Baul-Fakiri music has gained immense popularity among audience of all age. So the time to invest in Baul-Fakiri music is NOW. The repertoire of Baul Fakiri music is huge and there is a lot for the producer to choose from. Invest in Baul-Fakiri music, make it more accessible to the world of music lovers. Bangla Qawali is a genre that has huge scope of exploration and production. In times of conflict Baul Fakiri music can be a huge contributor of bringing people together and this is what the producers can utilize.

Watch this digital film to know more about Baul philosophy.

Watch this digital film to know more about traditional Baul musical instruments.

Watch this film on Bangla Qawali to know more about the tradition.

Experience the Baul Fakiri Utsav – an annual festival organized by the artists.

Here is some basic information on Baul Fakiri music.

Watch the performances by the Baul Fakiri artists.

Artists’ rights are protected through a Code of Practice. Check the full Code here.

Contact the artists directly.

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