Over the years the Baul Fakiri music, musician, musical instruments have been subject of different films and visual documentation. A visit to the artists’ village will provide you with picturesque scenic beauty; moreover you will be able to find the artists in their candid best- practicing music, going on with their daily lives.

The Baul Fakiri Utsav held at Tepantar also gives ample of scope to photographers and filmmakers to interact with the Bauls and Fakirs, capture them during prabhati, their musical sessions and evening performances. Experience the Baul Fakiri Utsav – an annual festival organized by the artists.

As we invite you to take photos and make videos, please keep the following points in mind.
1. Please ask artists before you take picture of them, their scrolls or products.
2. If you post photos on social media, blogs, magazines etc., please do not forget to
mention name of the artists and village.
3. Please make your commitment to not use the photo for commercial benefit by using the
CC-BY-NC licence.
4. Please use #baul, #baulfakiri, #baulfakiriutsav, #gorbhanga when posting photos in
social media.

Artists’ rights are protected through a Code of Practice. Check the full Code here.

Check out how you can engage at the Baul Fakiri Utsav.

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