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Katick Khyapa

Katick Khyapa is a famous Baul artist from Nabadwip of Nadia district. He has been associated with baul music for 30 years. He learned music from the age of 10-12 under the guidance of Tinkari Chakraborty and Sadhan Das Bairagya. Kartick is a promising Baul singer who is also deft in playing Dubki, Dotara, Khamak, […]   read more

Swapan Adhikari

Swapan is a well-known Baul artist of West Bengal. Along with a vast repertoire of Baul music, Swapan masters in playing various traditional musical instruments like Khamak (percussive string), Dubki (hand drum), Dotara (string) etc. He started his musical journey at a very young age and later he was initiated and trained by Baul guru […]   read more

Akkas Fakir

Akkas Fakir, a young and enterprising Baul musician, is known for his baritone voice. He was introduced to Baul-Fakiri and Bangla Qawwali by his cousin Arman Fakir. Akkas is a key member of Arman Fakir’s Bangla Qawwali team and has performed in India and abroad. With time Akkas became the icon of young Baul music […]   read more

Kalam Fakir

Kalam Fakir is a resident of Chakram Prasad village of Jalangi in Murshidabad district. He has been associated with Baul music for the past 26 years and trained by Rohini Saha Goswami. Kalam Fakir has performed across India, including his home state West Bengal, New Delhi, Goa and also Bangladesh. He received the best artist […]   read more

Chhote Golam Fakir

A resident of Jalangi block in Murshidabad district in West Bengal, Chhote Golam Fakir is one of the most talented and popular contemporary Bangla Qawwali singers. Gifted with a baritone voice, Chhote Golam was initially trained by his father Fakir Alimuddin Mondal. Subsequently, he was introduced to Bangla Qawwali by his Guru Abdur Rashid Sarkar […]   read more

Manik Das Baul

Manik Das Baul is a renowned young Baul practitioner hailing from Santiniketan in Birbhum district. Inspired from his father Kartick Das Baul, Manik had a fascination towards Khamak (one of the primary instrument of Baul music) from his childhood. It is the tunes of Khamak that brought him on the path of Baul music. For […]   read more

Purnendu Das

Purnendu Das, a resident of Paruldanga village of Bolpur, Santiniketan is a young baul artist and son of renowned Baul artist Rina Das Baul and Dibakar Das Baul.Being brought up in a musical environment Purnendu learned music from his parents and with time, evolved as a master instrumentalist . He is proficient in playing Khamak, […]   read more

Bama Prasad Singha

Bama Prasad is a leading young Baul artist from Batikar village of Birbhum district of West Bengal. Bama has spent time with the traditional masters of Baul music from his childhood and later got trained in Baul music and traditional musical instruments from Late Tarak Khyapa. Bama has a melodious voice and is a master […]   read more

Atahar Fakir

Atahar Fakir is a young talented Baul Fakiri artist from the district of Nadia, West Bengal. As he was born in a musical family, Atahar was never taught but learned music from his father Ashmat Karikar at a very tender age. Later he emerged himself in Baul-Fakiri practice and led a spiritual lifestyle in association with […]   read more

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