Tanmoy Das (Kangal)

Kangal Khyapa, based at Joydeb Kenduli and son of legendary Baul singer Late Tarak Khyapa, is a rising star in Baul music. He is a fantastic Dotara player too and has already performed in Sweden, Hungary and UK.

Kangal Khyapa, born in Joydev near Santiniketan in Birbhum district, is probably one of the finest Dotara players of India. Kangal started playing musical instruments at the age of seven. His inspiration and guide was his father, eminent Baul singer Lt.Tarak Khyapa. Kangal is also a Baul singer having high competence in playing other folk instruments, such as Khamak, Ektara, Dugi, Tabla, Khol, etc. He has performed in many places across India, including Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune,Assam, Tatanagar and Siliguri. He performed at the Sur Jahan World Peace Music Festival in Kolkata and Goa and also in different music festivals in Sweden Hungary and London.


Tanmoy Das (Kangal)

Tanmoy Das (Kangal)

Kangal Khyapa is the son of legendary Baul singer Late Tarak Khyapa and a rising star.

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Tanmoy Das (Kangal)


Kangal Khyapa    

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