A place surrounded by green fields and soulful music that’s Gorbhanga for you. Situated in Nadia district, about 120 kms from Kolkata makes it an ideal day trip. Spend a day or two amidst nature and music of the Fakirs.

Another option for travel enthusiast is Baul Fakir Ashram at Bannabagram in Ausgram near Gushakara. Ashram is a knowledge centre and has 1 to 3 Gurus with 5 to 30 disciples always and thus is expected to evolve as a place to interact with Baul Fakirs for understanding their philosophy and music. The Ashram encourages guests to experience simple life and celebrate togetherness as preached and practiced by the Baul Fakirs.

One can also be a part of the annual Baul-Fakiri Utsav held at Tepantar theatre village in Bardhaman district where one can spend three days soaking in nature and enjoying Baul Fakiri music, getting to know about the different musical instruments. Experience the Baul Fakiri Utsav – an annual festival organized by the artists.

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