Bauls and Fakirs disseminate love through their music, celebrates togetherness, diversity and pluralism and reject all sorts of divide.

Baul Fakir

Baul Fakirs practice and preach the philosophy of universal brotherhood through their songs, which are spiritual but not religious.

Baul Fakir

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Baul Fakirs talk about their philosophy through their songs and dance (not always though, but often singing is accompanied with dancing as individual expression). Various indigenous musical instruments such as Ektara (String), Dotara (String), Dugi (percussion), Khamak (percussive string), Dhol, Manjira (percussion), Harmonium (mostly used by Bauls in Bardhaman and fakirs who present Qawwali), Tabla (mostly in Birbhum, Bardhaman).

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The products on offer are music albums containing Baul Fakiri songs and books containing lyrics and information, including biographic information on Baul Fakiri.

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GIBaul has been inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2008 (originally proclaimed in 2005 by Bangladesh)

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